Network Security


Traditional network security was all about perimeter defenses with little regard for internal security controls or adoption of cloud services. With the advent of private, public and hybrid cloud network security is now more involved. Understanding flows of traffic both on-prem and off-prem,  micro-segmentation and global policy controls are now more important than ever.


Business growth requires the ability to deliver innovative new applications and services in an agile fashion– but how do you do that without the delays associated with layering security as an afterthought, increasing risks or disrupting current operations?

With our vendor partners, Asystec can help secure networks down to the hypervisor layer and up to and including cloud access, app sanctioning and data governance, to ensure you have the necessary information on what data is traversing your environment, be it a static on-prem environment through to bursting capability from a hybrid environment or full cloud deployments.  We can use automation to layer security on VM inception and then ensure security follows even in the event that VM traverses your environment.


Next-generation Firewalling, Full-visibility of your network traffic, Next-Gen SIEM with not only detect but react capabilities, CASB, Sanctioned/Unsanctioned Device and App Management, Data Security in the Cloud, Global Policy Enforcement and more.  These are all areas where Asystec can help not only increase visibility of the network traffic but also to drive cost out of your environment with tooling that now incorporates feature/functionality from many tools into a single GUI with automated responses to incidents.  These tools also can have significant workload benefits for your key security ops staff, to allow them to focus on the key critical incidents.  Come and talk to us about how to move from legacy on-prem solutions to fully cloud-enabled platforms which will support your environment and allow you to adopt cloud with confidence, where appropriate.


Contact the Asystec Security & Governance Solutions team today to find out more about how we can help improve you Network Security posture.