Managed Services


Asystec Managed Services provides on-going technical and support services to help you to develop and manage the systems and processes on which your business operates. Our Managed Service offerings are designed to extend the high-quality Professional Services engagements we deliver to our customers, to maintain excellence in the technical solutions in which you have invested.

Asystec offer 3 levels of managed services; pre-set intervention (scheduled work), reactive intervention (work in response to a customer need) and proactive intervention (where Asystec monitor, react and fix to a pre-agreed level of change).


Client Advisory Service (CAS) will support customers who need technical guidance, consultancy or advice  on key areas:

  • Knowledge bank from across the Asystec advisory and technical teams who have an impressive breadth and depth of business and technical experience
  • Assistance to explore ideas and make effective plans in parallel to ongoing IT BAU activities
  • Continued engagement with historic knowledge retention enabling effective advice
  • A drawdown service with control of spend sitting firmly with the customer

The CAS Service Model enables the customer to schedule advisory input for when they need it (e.g. Workshops); includes a toolset with 24×7 access to a Service Portal to raise and track Service Requests and is easy for the customer to get effective guidance across a wide technology spectrum.


Technical Assistance Service (TAS) will support customers who need hands-on technical assistance with specific items of work:

  • Delivery of work that is too small in itself to be delivered as a structured project
  • Access to resources experienced in Data Center, Virtualization and cloud technologies
  • Asystec resources embedded directly within the wider customer team​ aiding team development
  • A drawdown service with control of spend sitting firmly with the customer

The TAS Service Model enables the customer to schedule technical assistance for when they need it​; includes a toolset with 24×7 access to a Service Portal to raise and track Service Requests​ and makes it easy for the customer to cover any technical skills gaps​.


We recognise the advantage in Tier 1 Vendor support and do not seek to replace such with our customers; we do however help customers to manage their Vendor Support Process. We can provide onsite diagnosis and confirmation of problems requiring support, and can help customers with communication to and from the Vendors. We strive to help you maximise the benefits of your investment in Tier 1 Vendor support.


There are times when the capability and capacity of your technical team is a challenge. Our customer-focused approach will help you deal with any shortfall, by taking on a stream of work for you or providing key technical resources to augment your team until such a time as they are equipped to continue unaided.


Successful Day 1 delivery of a new technical solution is not a time to sit back and rest, it is a time to focus on your solution roadmap and put in place the processes and people required to maintain that development. We work with customers to provide an ongoing Technical Assistance Service to help manage new solutions whilst preparing for the developments required for Day 2 and beyond. Our engagement is simple to explain… We work with you until you decide that you are ready to manage that solution going forward.


Our experienced Managed Services team can help you to support existing systems. Whether you need help to solve a problem with an existing system or would like ongoing support in the day-to-day running of that system we have experienced and certified technical consultants who can help. Our approach is always to help you get to stable support position, and then help you to determine what assistance you need on an ongoing basis.


Asystec Managed Services are designed to provide our customers with an ongoing engagement which is tailored to their needs. We provide Managed Services across all of our technical competencies through an experienced team of Certified Consultants. Contact Asystec Managed Services today!