Endpoint Security


Most organizations have historically used Signature-based End-point Security, i.e. the endpoint security vendor must have seen the security threat and written a preventative measure against it.  Whilst this does protect most organizations from most threats, what it does not protect is the first number of victims to a new variant threat prior to it being identified and a signature written for it.  Zero-day threat prevention is now the key element to prevent against these new variants, which do not have a signature file.  Zero-day protection looks at how the resources of a system are utilized and spots anomalies to stop attacks.  By observing attack techniques, zero-day threat prevention can automatically detect and respond to event he most sophisticated attack.


Asystec can take this a step further by integrating the zero-day threat prevention, alongside network/cloud security, user behavioral analytics and automated responses to provide your SOC team full visibility of a threat from inception on your network through to attempts of exfiltration of your Intellectual Property.


VMware Workspace ONE is an open Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform that allows you manage and secure Windows 10, iOS, MacOS, Android and ChromeOS devices, all from one console. It provides the ability to contextualize access to corporate applications based on the security posture of the device, location of the device or sensitivity of application data. Workspace ONE can enforce a minimum firmware, update version or device encryption before access to an application is granted. Once an application is in use, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies are configured to ensure that there is no corporate data leakage to unauthorized applications or locations. The VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network enables customers to leverage existing investments in security solutions to further extend the security capabilities of Workspace ONE. Sitting on top of Workspace ONE is a cloud-hosted analytics engine called Workspace ONE Intelligence. Using AI-driven analytics Workspace ONE Intelligence can help automatically remediate threats to your environment.


(included in Cortex XDR licence)

Palo Alto Networks Traps endpoint protection and response stops threats on endpoints and coordinates enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful cyber attacks. The threat landscape has quickly evolved to a level of sophistication that it can bypass traditional endpoint protection. Traps combines powerful endpoint protection technology with critical endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities into a single agent, enabling your security teams to automatically protect, detect and respond to known, unknown and sophisticated attacks, using machine learning and AI techniques from data collected on the endpoint, network and cloud.


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