End User Computing/Mobility


End User Computing (EUC) refers to a set of technologies designed to provide end-users with access to applications and data. The following are examples of the types of EUC environments that exist within enterprises:

    • Laptops and Physical Desktop Environments: This is the more traditional EUC model that is still prevalent in many companies today. Office users are provided with a desktop and mobile users are provided with a laptop. Client applications and data are installed directly onto the device. These client applications can connect to a back-end application environment located in one or more Data Center, or public/private clouds. Devices are assigned a static amount of resources (i.e. CPU, RAM and Hard Disk Capacity) which can often lead to underutilized resources. With devices, applications and data located in multiple user sites or even outside of the corporate network, management overhead and security of such environments is a key consideration.
    • Virtual Application and Desktop Environments: In order to combat the security concerns and management overhead of having laptops, desktops, applications and data strewn across all user locations, some companies deploy a virtual application or desktop environment. With a virtual application or desktop environment, applications, desktops and data are moved from the devices in the user location into one or more centralized Data Center locations. Only mouse clicks and keystrokes are sent from the client machine to the Data Center. A streamed video of the activity within the application is sent back to the client machine. Corporate data does not leave the Data Center. Thin clients or zero clients can replace the laptops and desktops in user locations to reduce cost and lengthen the device life cycle. The major caveat with a virtual application or desktop environment is that it does not provide any offline capabilities. This often means that it cannot provide for 100% of use cases within an organization.
    • Mobile Device Environments:As the entire workforce has become more mobile and need to be more readily available, the requirement to provide and manage mobile devices across all areas of the business has grown. What would have traditionally been consumer technologies such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, have become enterprise devices. With Microsoft designing Windows 10 with MDM management API’s, Windows 10 became the first Windows operating system that can be managed as a mobile device i.e. over-the-air with no requirement to be on a corporate network. This is known more commonly as Modern Management. The security perimeter is no longer the Data Center, it is now on the device itself. Modern UEM solutions like VMware Workspace ONE open up more simplified management and rigorous security techniques that would not have been possible with traditional management solutions for Windows operating systems, like Microsoft SCCM. Now with VMware Workspace ONE you can manage and secure your Windows 10, iOS, Android, MacOS and ChromeOS devices all from one platform.


Asystec have a wealth of experience in designing, deploying and managing large scale EUC environments. Asystec believe in looking at the complete stack of technologies that make up an EUC solution and we partner with the best vendors at each layer of that stack. For example, if designing an on-premises virtual desktop environment we would design from the hosting hardware platform, through the presentation, profile data and application layers all the way to the user end-point, as well as everything in between. We have the skills and expertise in each of these layers to ensure that the entire solution stack is designed to meet the requirements of the business and as per best practice guidelines. We are partnered with both VMware and Citrix as well as a number of other third party vendors across the physical, virtual and mobility spaces. This allows us to be objective in discussions with customers as to what is the best solution to meet their needs.


Here are some of  the EUC services we provide:

  • Desktop Assessment and Application Discovery Exercise: Ahead of any major desktop transformation project the planning phase is key. We can assist you in getting a complete picture of your current environment so that you can plan for a successful project.
  • Virtual Application and Desktop Environment Design: Asystec have experience in designing multi-site, on-premises and hybrid-cloud application and desktop environments based on both VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops. There are wide-range of design considerations that are key to ensuring the end-solution is fit for purpose and provides business value. We can lead or assist you with this design exercise.
  • Hosting Infrastructure Sizing: Asystec have a lot of experience with carrying out virtual application and desktop environment hardware sizing exercises with our customers. We are aware of the steps and considerations needed to ensure that the hosting platform is sized as accurately as possible. This will ensure that the environment you deploy is sized correctly, allowing you to avoid a hardware overspend or undersize. We are Dell EMC partner so can offer advice on HCI, vSAN Ready or traditional compute/storage hosting solutions for virtual application and desktop environments.
  • VMware Workspace ONE Consultancy: We have experience in deploying Workspace ONE as a Unified Endpoint Management solution. If you are looking to manage Windows 10, iOS, Android, MacOS and Chrome OS all from one platform, as well as adding Identity, Insights and Automation, then we can show you how Workspace ONE can achieve all of that.
  • Application Virtualization: We offer application virtualization consultation on application isolation and application layering technologies. We can provide you with insight into the benefits of using particular products in this space and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • EUC Performance Monitoring: We have a lot of focus and experience on EUC-related monitoring solutions. Using this experience we have partnered with ControlUp who provide an innovative, easy-to-use, community-invested monitoring solution that will add real value in ensuring that a virtual application or desktop environment achieves an optimal user experience.
  • Change Impact Assessment: We are aware of the importance of not letting the performance of a designed solution degrade over time due to planned or unplanned changes. We have partnered with Login VSI who provide a number of solutions in this space that that are unrivaled in functionality.


To learn more, or talk to some of the Asystec experts about your organizations end-user computing and mobility please contact us today.