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Data is expanding and unpredictable with more data, apps, devices and users making it more difficult to protect and leading to fragmented data protection solutions.

The reality is that most companies manage their applications and data in multiple places: from on-premises traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds.

As a result of this exponential data growth, along with regulatory compliance, strict service-level agreements, and shrinking backup windows, companies are having to rethink their data protection methods.

These conditions call for a data protection strategy that acknowledges the current landscape and protects data across them all, because you will likely need to protect more than one of these environments for some time.

Ensuring users have the data they need to conduct business even if the data is damaged or lost is the goal. This is achieved through a comprehensive strategy for valuing, cataloging and protecting information assets from application and user errors, malware and virus attacks, machine failures, or facility outages and disruptions.


Data capital is increasingly being seen as an extremely valuable asset that has the potential to be a source of competitive advantage for organizations.

Those that recognize and leverage the value of data, convert it into real-time actionable insights in order to uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. In turn, they become more successful in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

You need to protect your data from the edge to core to cloud, across multiple RPO and RTO levels in a secure environment in order to meet Business continuity requirements and minimize the risk to your business.


We can modernize, secure and protect your data — no matter where it resides.

Using technologies ranging from replication to airgap, backup and archive that improve uptime and avoid data loss, We can deliver protection based on the value of the data and service levels that align to business objectives.


The Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a converged solution that offers complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore—plus, cloud extensibility with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud—all in a single appliance—for 10X faster deployment and a lower cost-to-protect.

Simple to manage, deploy, upgrade and grow – 2U appliance that can grow in place from 24-96 TB with no additional HW. Simplified management with IDPA System Manager.
Powerful app ecosystem, performance & cloud – Supports largest application ecosystem. High performance with up to 2x faster backups and 55:1 avg dedupe. Efficient Cloud DR and long-term retention.
At the lowest cost-to-protect – Protects up to 4x more data in one 2U and costs up to 80% less to protect. 3-year satisfaction and up to 55:1 data protection deduplication guarantees.


The Dell EMC Data Protection Suite family simplifies data protection choices, making it easier than ever for you to access best-in-class replication, backup and archive solutions for fit your specific needs.

Built on industry-leading software solutions the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite family provides comprehensive, simple and flexible data protection.

Comprehensive yet simple – Delivers complete protection purpose-built for the most popular use cases.

Cloud Enabled – Enables secure and efficient data backups within the cloud and long-term retention to the cloud.

Industry-leading Data Protection Software – leverages Dell EMC’s best in class replication, snapshot, backup and archive solutions.

Data Protection Everywhere – Covers all consumption models and protects data across the continuum.

Flexible – Mix and match software anytime to deploy across physical and virtual environments as requirements change.

Investment protection – Modify the mix over time as data grows and the environment evolves.


Dell EMC Networker backup and recovery software centralizes, automates and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment.  Networker delivers record breaking performance and a wide range of data protection options to safeguard your critical business data.

Reliable Recovery – Depend on fast secure granular and disaster recovery to ensure you meet required service levels and keep your business running.
Leading duplication – Integrate with EMC Data Domain, Boost and EMC Avamar client services to transform your backup and recovery with industry leading data deduplication.
Maximum Flexibility – Meet evolving backup and recovery requirements for mission critical business applications in physical and virtual environments across diverse networks.

High performance – Accelerate offsite backup and recovery with industry-leading speed, security and scalability to meet demanding service level requirements.

Unified Management – Bring together a full range of traditional and next generation data protection – from back up in a disk to snapshot and replication management to tape – under a common management interface.


Dell EMC Avamar – Fast efficient backup and recovery through a complete software and hardware solution.

Equipped with integrated variable-length deduplication technology, Avamar facilitates fast, daily full backups for virtual environments, remote offices, enterprise applications, network attached storage servers and desktops/laptops.

One step recovery – Every Avamar backup is a full backup, making it easy for you to browse, point, and click for a single step recovery.

Flexible deployment – Avamar data store scales to 124TB of deduplicated capacity. For additional performance and scalability, it can be deployed in an integrated solution with Dell EMC Data Domain Systems.

Faster backup and recovery – Avamar employs variable – length deduplication which significantly reduces reduces backup time by only storing unique daily changes while maintaining daily full backups for immediate, single – step restore.

Optimized bandwidth – Deduplicated backup sends only changed blocks, reducing network traffic. Leverage existing local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) bandwidth for enterprise-wide and remote brand office backup and recovery.

High Reliability – Avamar data store features redundant power and networking, redundant array of independent disks (RAID), and patented redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) technology to provide uninterrupted data accessibility. Daily data system checks ensure recoverability whenever needed.


Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems, protection storage that continues to revolutionize disk backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Flexible data protection – fits seamlessly into your environment, supporting a wide variety of protocols over Ethernet and fibre channel.

Industry leading performance – complete more backups sooner while putting less pressure on limited backup windows with throughput of up to 58.7 terabytes per hour.

High scalability – Consolidate all data protection requirements on a single system with massive scalability.


Dell EMC RecoverPoint provides continuous data protection for comprehensive operational and disaster recovery. It supports Dell EMC XtremIO, Unity, VMAX, VNX ScaleIO and major 3rd party arrays via VPLEX.

Bandwidth Reduction – Minimize network utilization with unique bandwidth compression and deduplication, significantly reducing replicated data over the network.
Simplified Testing – Streamline disaster recovery testing of your application environment while production replication continues unaffected.
Point in time recovery – Dell EMC Recoverpoint provides continuous data protection with multiple recovery points to restore applications instantly to a specific point in time.
Metropoint Topology – Gain advanced, three-site topology for continuous availability, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection recovery enabled by combining EMC VPLEX Metro and Recoverpoint.
Continuous Replication – Protect applications with bidirectional synchronous and asynchronous replication and digital video recorder like recovery in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.


Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving is advanced archiving software, available for both on-premise and the cloud, which archives email and information from messaging systems, file servers, collaboration systems and social media content. SourceOne provides robust information management to help you reduce storage costs by reclaiming valuable primary storage space. It also helps reduce litigation risks by accelerating data search processes.

Reduce Cost – SourceOne helps to reduce the overall cost of data ownership in two ways. It reduces primary storage cost by archiving aged email and information content to the less costly storage tiers and reduces the costs associated with data and information discovery during legal eDiscovery processes.

Reduce legal and compliance risks – When it comes to litigation readiness, speed and efficiency matter. SourceOne allows users to properly index and search relevant business data with ElasticSearch technology and web-version Discovery Manager for quick litigation and compliance and compliance readiness.

Take control of PST files – SourceOne provides users unlimited mailboxes and improves server performance by eliminating duplicated scattered PST files. Properly managing PST files minimizes the chance of critical business data loss and organizational compliance failures.


The Simpana software platform is an enterprise level, integrated data and information management solution, built on a single platform and unified code base. All functions share the same back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to protecting, managing and accessing data.

Data and Information Access – Files, Email messages, and documents can be located and recovered or retrieved seamlessly from mobile devices, web pages, and native application tools.

Alerting, Reporting and Analytics – Alerts about events that require attention, reports with detailed information about operations and detailed analytics of your data provide a complete assessment of the CommCell.

Storage – Protected data can be stored on disk, tape, and cloud storage locations. Advanced features such as deduplication to disk and tape, job and object retention, and independent and independent multiple copy management can be used to meet all DR and compliance requirements.


Data is growing rapidly and becoming more fragmented across many clouds and virtual environments. Unified data protection is the only way your IT organization can deliver required service levels while limiting cost and risk, regardless of whether data resides on-premises or in the cloud.

Dramatically simplify enterprise data protection by eliminating point products and trivialising infrastructure management.

Keep pace with massive numbers of systems and growing data volumes.

Easily manage, replicate, and retain copy data according to preset policies.

Quickly recover from any backup storage (including snapshots and deduplicated disk)
Manage a large enterprise environment with limited staff and resources.


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