Corporate Social Responsibility

Asystec have a strong commitment to the community and strive to always show compassion and care in giving back to the community that has helped us become the successful company we are today. Corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of the company ethos with philanthropy, fundraising and volunteering ingrained in the company culture.

“There is a very strong culture of giving back to the community, whether it is financial contributions, time off to do volunteer work, or corporate social responsibility activities. I am very proud of the social commitment here at Asystec. Our philanthropic work and volunteerism isn’t just a department or policy – it’s really a culture of giving that runs deep in the company DNA. It feels good to be a part of it.” – Les Byrne, Managing Director Europe, Asystec.


Asystec aim to make a positive impact on our community, and we aim to do this through 4 strategic pillars.


Asystec have been involved in a number of fundraising activities and events over the years and will continue to do so. Just some of the organizations that we support throughout the years include: Hendrickson Foundation, The DWB Memorial Foundation, GIVE16 Jason Zucker Trust,  The Bubblegum Club, Temple Street, Pieta House, and many more.

We are proud to have supported many local,  national and international charities and organizations, and we look forward to continuing those efforts for 2020 and beyond.


Asystec actively encourage its employees to become immersed in community activities and volunteering. The companies proactive approach to charity encourages our employees to get involved in making their difference in the lives of others. Asystec employees have been involved in fundraising for a plethora of worthy causes both local, regional and national.

Asystec are also proud to exercise a ‘Matched Funds’ policy whereby employees can submit a proposal to the company showcasing a fundraising initiate they organized or were involved in organizing,  and the company match the figure raised.


We feel good when we do good and Asystec are delighted to play our part in sponsoring the 2019 and 2020 North American Pond Hockey Championship on Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior. This annual event raises funds for various worthy causes including The Hendrickson Foundation (2019) and the #GIVE16 Jason Zucker Trust (2020).  The 2020 event which took place in January saw more than 80 hockey teams head out on the Lake for the event, which has raised more than $1.3 million for charities since 2014.

The #GIVE16 Jason Zucker Trust was set up by Wild forward Jason Zucker and his wife Carly, in memory of Tucker Helstrom a young Hockey fan who lost his battle with cancer in 2016 at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. The funds raised go towards improvements to the hospital and include a new space designed to give children and teenagers a place to laugh, relax, engage in healing therapies, and socialize with other kids who know what it’s like to spend time in the hospital.

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’.


Asystec and all of our employees aim to facilitate future growth, be good environmental stewards and have a positive impact on our communities. As we grow, we are mindful of our environmental footprint and the impact on our local communities, and proactively seek environmentally responsible ways to better operate our business.

Our internal CleanGreen program administers the company’s environmental policy.

Some of the ways that we do that include:

  • Energy efficient and automatic time-lapse lighting to ensure lighting is in operation only when rooms are occupied.
  • Our teams use laptops instead of desktop computers.
  • Heating and cooling within the business premises is limited to areas and times where occupants are present.
  • Each office has a strict recycling and composting policy.
  • Business travel and direct contact with customers is an essential part of our business, however we leverage technology to ensure that we can communicate with our customers remotely and minimize the need to business travel as much as possible.
  • Altering the procurement policy of our company to choose suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices.
  • Purchasing products and services that have the least environmental impact, where this is Feasible.
  • Providing electric charging points for energy efficient cars and promoting the ‘bike to work’ scheme amongst our employees.
  • Encouraging environmental awareness among our employees through appropriate communication and training programs.
  • Minimize waste generation and unnecessary resource usage during the stages of planning, design, commissioning and operation of new and existing processes, plant and equipment.