No matter what industry your organization is in, corporate compliance is an essential part of operations.

Simply put, corporate compliance is the process of making sure your company and employees follow the regulations, laws,  standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organisation.

Effective corporate compliance will cover both internal policies and procedures as well as ensuring adherence with national and international laws. Enforcing compliance in corporate policy will help your company prevent and detect violations of rules. This can save your organisation from fines and lawsuits.

Corporate compliance can also benefit a company internally in regards employee behavior. Having compliance rules and procedures in place lays out expectations for employees, helping your staff stay focused on your organization’s broader goals, and helping operations run smoothly.

This process should be ongoing. Most organizations establish a corporate compliance program to help govern policies and compliance.


Corporate Compliance Programs help organisations maintain compliance in all areas of operation, from IT and Security Risk, Enterprise Risk, Vendor Management, Audit Mgt, Legal, Business Resiliency and Data Governance.  Many organisations or even business units within companies have sourced point solutions to address one specific area of compliance.  Where this tends to fall down is where controls for that compliance standard are static or fall outside of that business unit, e.g. a legal department may have controls around how they retain data but without appropriate controls in place, the legal compliance owner may never be aware that IT personnel/contractors can also see that data.

Changes in compliance requirements or legislation is also another area where static compliance programs can falter or be very time consuming.  Having agile platforms with appropriate control points mean, for example, a simple automated configuration check on a firewall can move an organizations security compliance posture from Green to Amber/Red.  Key vendor relationships also pose a threat to organizations, understanding key personnel, key systems, and the changes to both can have an impact on adhering to our compliance requirements.


Our relationships with, and understanding of, Subject Matter Experts and Vendors, allow Asystec to work with our customers to align appropriate resources to an organisation’s compliance efforts.  In many cases, platforms can provide additional visibility where none or very little was available previously to allow organisations to make informed decisions around their adherence to compliance.

In others, organizations want to put in place Enterprise controls around their people, process and technologies to have an enterprise view of their risk and compliance needs.  Asystec can bring these along with expertise to ensure each Compliance requirement is met with appropriate controls to address.  Areas of Compliance where we can assist (not-exhaustive) PCIDSS, HIPPA, FDA, NIST and many more.



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